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Electron Cash, Bitcoin Gold, 2X Bloodbath, Hush testnet and more

What is the Electron Cash wallet? Can you trust your coins to it? Meh, I completely exited $BCH, it seems to be a rock finding the bottom of the ocean.

A new Equihash-based Bitcoin fork called Bitcoin Gold is seemingly making it irrelevant. $BTG is not code complete yet, but they seem to be an active community on Github, and up front about their rough edges. The are still implementing replay protection and they have assured me on Github that they will delay the launch of mainnet if there is no replay protection. So they are not tryingt to go the 2X route and fight to death in the streets to be the One True Fucking Bitcoin. That will be another post.

In other news, the Hush testnet is coming along with many developers working on it. It turns out that creating, and mining a new genesis block with all the time constraints is non-trivial, go figure:

The main developer working in this will earn a 500HUSH bounty, so they must be excited. We will have stable testnet servers that any Hush community members can use to test new features and all kinds of awesome stuff. More details will be released when we have stable hostnames and Github tags that make it easy for people.

Yet another thing I have been hacking on is cross atomic swaps (XCATs) between HUSH and ZEC:

If you know what that is, please contact me, there is exciting stuff just around the corner.

Also I been working on the Hush whitepaper, which I will dive into in future posts. For now, keep your coins safe and decentralize in all directions!